We are pleased to announce that TikiLIVE is licensed by ASCAP. It’s great to see a big radio streaming platform as TikiLIVE has an ASCAP license from the outset, ensuring that songwriters, composers and publishers will be paid fairly by radio owners.

TikiLIVE audio library is streaming under ASCAP license.

For more details on what is included in TikiLIVE audio library please check the manual page:


The ASCAP Radio License means access to every variety of music you need to attract and entertain your listeners. Each of our licensees has access to over 9 million works from over 500,000 ASCAP songwriters, composers, and publishers from over 90 affiliated societies from all over the world. An ASCAP License also allows our licensees to obtain new music as soon as it is written or published.

With the explosion of online and mobile music, the ASCAP blanket license provides an easy and efficient means for new music services to respect copyrights and compensate the songwriters and composers whose music draws their customers.

For more details check the ASCAP website